How the Church Has Changed the World - Vol. III

Professor Anthony Esolen, Ph.D.
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Another great book to affirm that God will always guide his Church! 

Learn how the Catholic Faith has inspired the greatest achievements in history

24 essays originally published by Magnificat (January 2018 – December 2019) that will give you a new appreciation for the Church and her mission in the world


  • A sainted woman who inspired three of her brothers to become saints…
  • A navigator who spread the Gospel around the globe during his voyages…
  • A rich man who embraced poverty to win pagans for Christ…
  • The first Governor of New York, a Catholic whose influence continues to this day…
  • …and many more!

Professor Esolen’s engaging styleis as captivating as it is eye-opening.

May these inspiring stories of courage, love, and commitment energize your own faith and embolden you to share it with everyone God chooses to place along your path.

Don't miss Vols. I, II & IV

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Author Professor Anthony Esolen, Ph.D.
Cover Softcover
Pages 176
Size 5 x 7.75 in.
Reference HCCW3
ISBN 978-1-63967-007-9