Mozart, Gift of God

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Ages 7 and up

A prodigy from age three, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart understood that music is a gift from a loving God.

Throughtout his life, Mozart shared his music with the world as an invitation to give thanks and praise to the Giver of all Gifts.

I always have God before my eyes.

I acknowledge His omnipotence, I dread His wrath;

but I also know His love, His compassion

and mercy towards His creatures,

and that He will never forsake His servants.

When His will is done I am resigned;

so I never can fail to be happy.

Wolgang Amadeus Mozart


Demi’s words and beautiful artwork encourage a new generation to know Mozart, to experience his music, and to be touched by a spirit of praise.


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Author Demi
Cover Hardcover
Pages 48
Size 9x9 in.
Ages 7 and up
Reference MOZ