The Adventures of Loupio Vol. 7 : The Fire and Other Stories

Jean-François Kieffer
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Ages 7 and up

In the exciting days of chivalrous knights and wandering troubadours, a young orphaned poet and musician named Loupio travels throughout Italy experiencing many daring adventures. Befriended by Francis of Assisi and accompanied by the wolf tamed by this saintly guide,

Loupio’s often dangerous encounters help him and young readers learn lessons of faith, hope, and charity.

In The Fire and Other Stories, we meet Clare of Assisi, the beautiful young woman who made Loupio’s red cape. In a separate tale, when Loupio is falsely accused of setting a destructive fire, his friends rally to prove his innocence.

Other Titles in the series: The Encounters and Other Stories, The Hunters and Other Stories, The Tournament, The Inn, The Cave, The Quest.

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Author Jean-François Kieffer
Cover Softcover
Pages 44
Size 8.75 x 11.25
Ages 7 and up
Reference AOL7-TF
ISBN 978-1-62164-645-7