Sanctifying Truth - Nook

Father Romanus Cessario, O.P.
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Thomas Aquinas on Christian Holiness

“I was home [from Bologna] visiting the Pauline bookstore in Alexandria, VA & I picked up “Sanctifying Truth.” It was a real moment of grace…I can say that it has transformed the way that I am approaching study of things obviously related to God.” Sydney

Explore the genius of the most influential Dominican scholar during this year that celebrates the 800th anniversary of Saint Dominic’s passing.

Get to know the life and work of Saint Thomas Aquinas, the great Doctor of the Church who dedicated his life to the search for truth.

An inviting introduction to the saint and his insight for all who want to grow holy by immersing themselves in the Divine Truth that is the Word of God.

These insightful reflections from Father Cessario explore the riches of thought that have become known as Thomist theology in a way that makes them accessible to anyone interested in growing closer to the Divine Wisdom that permeates all creation.

A perfect gift to introduce family and friends to one of the greatest intellects the world has ever known. 

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Author Father Romanus Cessario, O.P.