My Life Is a Miracle - Nook

Sister Bernadette Moriau
US $7.99

EBook for Nook

A Story of Hope and Healing

An awe-inspiring story of trust, faith, and God’s healing love

Be touched by an amazing personal testimony from a religious sister who, after visiting Lourdes, was cured of a deforming paralysis she had suffered for forty years.

Follow her ten-year journey undergoing scientific investigation into the miracle before she was permitted to share her joy with the world.

Gain renewed confidence in God’s merciful love no matter your circumstances.

Walk with Sister Bernadette on a journey of faith through pain, paralysis, and finally healing to the 70th officially recognized miracle of Lourdes, a miracle she now proclaims to the world.

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Author Sister Bernadette Moriau
ISBN 978-1-949239-65-2