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Father Richard Veras
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Foreshadowed, Fulfilled, Forever

A must-have book from one of Magnificat’s most beloved contributors

“Father, you talk about Jesus as if he was here. If Jesus dwells among us, then where is he?”

Father Veras artfully answers this question with biblical texts that show how God chooses to manifest himself through his people—from Old Testament foreshadowing of the Incarnation to New Testament encounters with Jesus that turn ordinary men and women into missionary disciples.

In his heartwarming style, Father Veras challenges us to see Jesus in others and to be Jesus for the people with whom we journey each day.

When Jesus, who is fully divine, brings God’s healing to the world it is wondrous; but when an ordinary person, a sinner like you or me, becomes the bearer of God’s healing presence through belonging to Christ, it is even more unexpected. God’s generosity and desire to be with us extends beyond the time and place of the first coming of Christ in the flesh....

What I share with you in this book is that the Good News is really that good; God is really with us in ways we can see and touch and dwell with…. Scripture promises and witnesses to us the Good News of Jesus Christ, the Word made Flesh, who dwells among us.

–Father Richard Veras

Also available in paperback and as an eBook for Kindle, Nook, and iTunes.

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