The Catholic Bible for Children

Karine-Marie Amiot and Francois Carmagnac
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Ages 7 and up

These simply written and vividly illustrated stories from the Old and New Testaments will introduce young children to the great people and events that have shaped salvation history. The creation of the world, the hopes and trials of God’s chosen people as they await the fulfilment of the promised Messiah, the life, Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus, and the birth of the Church are brought to life in this beautifully crafted book.  

Whether reading for themselves or listening as they look at the pictures, children will develop a love for the Bible and a thirst to know more about its author and the loving plan God has for each one of them.

A glossary includes descriptions of important people, places, and events.  

More Information
Author Karine-Marie Amiot and Francois Carmagnac
Cover Softcover
Pages 238
Size 6.5 x 8.5 inches
Ages 7 and up
Reference CBFC