The Adventures of Jamie and Bella - Vol. 1

Olivier Bonnewijn
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Ages 7 and up

An Extraordinary Friend

Lost! Jamie's vacation with his family begins with a catastrophe. He is separated from his parents in a foreign train station, with night approaching. Suddenly there appears a mysterious boy dressed in torn clothing with wounds. In helping this boy, and in letting this boy help him, Jamie discovers much more than what he was looking for—he learns beautiful lessons about the importance of kindness, courage, and faith.

This is the first book in The Adventures of Jamie and Bella, a popular series of stories (which can be read independently of one another) containing the exciting and enriching experiences of Jamie and his sister Bella. At the end of each book you will find a set of faith-deepening questions and answers that children and parents can discuss together.

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Author Olivier Bonnewijn
Cover Softcover
Pages 44
Size 5.3 x 7 inches
Ages 7 and up
Reference JB1-AEF