Roman Missal Companion

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A must-have guide for gaining access to the spiritual riches of the Roman Missal, Third Edition!

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A practical, comprehensive catechetical tool that will lead you into the scriptural and mystical riches of the liturgy.
A step-by-step commentary on the changes in the Order of Mass, with introductory essays about the background of the Roman Missal, third edition.
Commentary by Anthony Esolen, acclaimed author of books on literature, liturgy, and Sacred Scripture.
Introduction by Archbishop J. AugustineDi Noia, O.P., Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments.


Here you will find answers to questions you have about the new translation of the Mass found in the Roman Missal, third edition, such as:
- Why is there a new translation?
- What is behind the changes?
- Will it be easy to adapt to the new words?
- How will these revisions affect how I pray at Mass?

To help with this transition in the Church, the Roman Missal Companion gives you a clear and insightful step-by-step commentary to the changes in the Order of Mass. Even more, the introductory essays provide key background information and spell out the rationale for the revisions.

Use this resource:

- With your family, reviewing the texts at home before going to church on Sunday
- As the basis for parish workshops on the new Missal
- In study groups: the commentary and essays offer much fruit for reflection
- To begin on your own to learn by heart the revised prayers and responses
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