Benedict XVI: Servant of Love

Bénedicte Delelis
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A Commemorative Book to Celebrate Pope Benedict XVI

An extraordinary life is captured in photographs, art, commentary, and excerpts of his writings. 

Through photographs, art, insightful commentary, and his own words, this beautiful commemorative book celebrates the extraordinary life of Pope Benedict XVI.

Part 1: The Man

A biography in word and image

Part 2: His Thought

Excerpts and commentary on his theological writings, including topics such as Divine Revelation, Christ, the Church, Mary, the Eucharist and Charity, Faith and Reason, Europe, and Eschatology 

Part 3: Favorite Prayers

His meditations on well-known prayers such as the Our Father, Psalm 23, Psalm 139, and original prayers composed for special occasions such as his visits to the shrine at Lourdes and Ground Zero 
"As far as the Pope is concerned, he too is a simple beggar before God—even more than other people. Naturally I always pray first and foremost to our Lord, with whom I am united simply by old acquaintance, so to speak. But I also invoke the saints. I am friends with Augustine, with Bonaventure, with Thomas Aquinas. Then one says to such saints also: Help me! And the Mother of God is, in any case, always a major point of reference. In this sense I commend myself to the communion of saints. With them, strengthened by them, I then talk with the dear Lord also, begging, for the most part, but also in thanksgiving—or quite simply being joyful. "

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Author Bénedicte Delelis
Foreword Pierre-Marie Dumont
Cover Hardcover with flaps
Pages 128
Size 8.5 x 11.25
Reference BXVI
ISBN 978-1-949239-92-8