VII. Darkness September 14, 1894: Céline enters the Carmel. Autumn 1894: Thérèse finds in Céline’s notebooks Scripture passages that are decisive for her little way. December 1894: Mother Agnes asks Thérèse to write down her childhood memories. January 1895: beginning of the composition of Manuscript A. February 26, 1895: Thérèse writes the poem “Living on Love.” June 9, 1895: self-offering to Merciful Love. October 17, 1895: Mother Agnes entrusts Father Bellière to Thérèse. March 21, 1896: election of Mother Mary de Gonzague as Prioress. Thérèse is confirmed in her role as mistress of novices. April 3, 1896: first pulmonary hemorrhage in the night from Holy Thursday to Good Friday. From the first symptoms to the death of Thérèse April 5, 1896, Easter: enters into the “thick darkness,” the night of faith May 30, 1896: Mother Marie de Gonzague entrusts another missionary, Father Roulland, to Thérèse. August 8 and 13, 1896: Thérèse composes Manuscript B, also addressed to Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart. October 8-15, 1896: retreat preached by Father Madeleine, who suggests that she carry the Creed over her heart. Thérèse writes it with her blood. April 1897, end of Lent: Thérèse falls seriously ill. May 1897: Thérèse is relieved of all her tasks and from the duty to pray in choir and, at the end of the month, she is relieved of her care of the novices. June 3, 1897: Mother Marie de Gonzague asks Thérèse to complete the account of her life: Manuscript C. June 5, 1897: her illness progresses rapidly; Thérèse is thought to be dying. June 13, 1897: Thérèse is much better after the community makes a novena to Our Lady of Victory. VIII. The little way July 6, 1897: pulmonary hemorrhages resume. July 8, 1897: Thérèse is suffocating; she is brought to the infirmary. July 30, 1897: Extreme Unction. August 23, 1897: the pains are so great that Thérèse understands the temptation of suicide. September 29, 1897: agony, confession September 30, 1897: Thérèse dies around 7:20 pm in the presence of the assembled community. March 7, 1898: Monseigneur Hugonin, Bishop of Bayeux, gives permission to publish The Story of a Soul. Easter 1899: the first edition of two thousand copies of The Story of a Soul is sold out; a second is prepared. 1899–1901: first graces and healings obtained through the intercession of Thérèse. Pilgrims come to pray at her tomb. May 26, 1908: a little blind girl, four years old, Reine Fauquet, is cured at the tomb of Thérèse. March 17, 1915: opening of the apostolic process in Bayeux April 29, 1923: Beatification of Thérèse by Pius XI May 17, 1925: Canonization of Thérèse by Pius XI December 14, 1927: Thérèse is proclaimed patron of the missions together with Saint Francis Xavier. January 19, 1940: death of Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart June 16, 1941: death of Léonie May 3, 1944: Thérèse is proclaimed secondary patron of France by Pius XII. July 28, 1951: death of Mother Agnes of Jesus February 25, 1959: death of Céline October 19, 1997: Thérèse is proclaimed Doctor of the Church by John Paul II. 188