lectio Divina 2024

What Is Lectio Divina and How to Use This Book 13 each person begins to hear a response from the Lord—the Lord’s word spoken directly and personally to them—that person can begin to let that word flow through their life, by an interior change and a will to do what the Lord is asking of them. Through this step of CONTEMPLATION, we hear God’s voice speaking to us, and it propels us to conversion of heart and mind. After the closing prayer, time is given to choosing how to live out the fruit of your prayer. You know your heart and life best—if it’s clear what God is asking of you, in faith, choose some way that you can put that request or teaching from the Lord into action that week. It could be a small act of faith that the Lord is asking, or perhaps, a more serious and important step that he is asking you to take. If there is nothing specific that comes to your mind, consider the question and suggestion offered in the Living the Word This Week section. This portion offers guidance on what concrete actions may be taken in our daily lives. The Lectio Divina of the Gospels for the Liturgical Year offers a specific pattern of prayerful reading of God’s Word. As you begin on this path, may the Lord’s blessing follow you, and fall upon you, throughout the movement of seasons in this new liturgical year, and may your life, in turn, be a blessing upon others.