Table of Contents 6 PREFACE: Jesus Christ in art 10 PROLOGUE: But who is this man Jesus? 19 Jesus prefigured 20 The origin of the world 24 The hand that speaks 28 Adam and Eve 32 The flood and Noah’s ark 37 The sacrifice of Isaac 40 The beloved son sold as a slave 42 The crossing of the Red Sea 47 The Ten Commandments 51 The prophet and the prostitute 52 The grandparents of God 54 The final prophet 57 A life of Jesus 58 The Annunciation 62 Behold, a virgin shall conceive 65 Visitation at sunset 67 Angels we have heard on high 70 For Christ is born of Mary 74 The three kings 79 Mary, the Mother of Jesus 82 Presentation of Jesus in the Temple 84 The flight into Egypt 88 The massacre of the Innocents 91 The Holy Family 94 Jesus and his father 96 “The fairest of the sons of men” 100 A little boy and his mother 105 Jesus at work with his father 107 The twelve-year-old Jesus, found in the Temple 108 Jesus is baptized 110 Jesus makes a retreat in the desert 115 Jesus calls the apostles 116 Jesus changes water into wine 120 Jesus reveals the secret of happiness 124 Jesus the Good Shepherd 127 Jesus and the Samaritan woman 128 The adulterous woman 132 The storm calmed 137 The lost sheep 138 Jesus and the children 142 Jesus restores sight to the blind men 144 The Good Samaritan 150 The Prodigal Son 154 Jesus transfigured 159 Jesus raises his friend Lazarus 165 Jesus enters Jerusalem in triumph 166 Jesus shares his last meal 168 Jesus washes the feet of his companions at table 172 Jesus gives Communion to the disciple whom he loves 177 Jesus enters into his agony 178 Jesus is comforted by an angel 183 Jesus receives the kiss of Judas 188 Jesus is condemned to death 193 Christ at the pillar 195 Jesus is crowned with thorns 196 Here is the man! 200 The Lamb of God 205 Simon of Cyrene is forced to help Jesus 208 The Holy Face 212 Jesus dies, Jesus is dead 216 Jesus left hanging on the cross 221 The Sacred Heart of Jesus 222 Mary Magdalene, who loved dearly 226 Jesus rises from the dead 229 Easter morning at dawn 232 Along the way, Jesus explains the Bible 237 Jesus celebrates the first Mass 238 Doubting Thomas 242 Jesus passes from this world to his Father 247 The end of history 248 Jesus, the Savior of the world 252 Jesus sends the Paraclete 255 Jesus hidden in a mouthful of bread 258 Jesus hidden in his Church 263 Jesus hidden in his Word 264 Jesus hidden at the heart of our lives 268 The face of every human being, a face of God 272 Jesus hidden in every human being 277 Jesus will come again in glory 278 Humanity raised to the highest heavens 282 Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? 286 Art Credits 287 Credits and sources of the citations