The Seven Last Words of Christ on the Cross

“In the beginning was the Word....” Word implies speech. This word can be heard. It has come down to us. It became flesh, it gave itself up for us... With Jesus’ last cry, something comes to an end forever. His temporal life will never come again. This mystery of irreversibility fascinated Péguy: “Blessed are those who saw him passing through his land; happy those who saw him walking this earth; those who saw him walk on the temporal lake; blessed those who saw him raise Lazarus. When one thinks, my God, when one thinks that happened only once... Blessed Mary Magdalene, blessed Veronica, you are saints unlike the others. All the saints contemplate Jesus seated at the right hand of his Father. And in the heavens his body as man, his glorious human body, since he rose up, as he was, on the day of his Ascension. But you, you alone, saw this human body in our common humanity, walking and seated on our common earth. You alone twice saw him, not just once like all the others, in eternity; not just the second time, which endures eternally; but in the time before, in earthly time; and it’s that which was given only once, it’s that which was not given to MEDITATION In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen 18 INTRODUCTION