The Seven Last Words of Christ on the Cross

HOW TO USE THIS BOOK This book proposes a meditation taking about one hour all together. Each chapter is designed in such a way that you can read as you listen to the music. If the musical track ends before you’ve finished the corresponding chapter, we suggest you complete the reading in silence, echoing the great moments of silence that marked Christ’s agony. You might also choose to listen to themusic before or after reading the text, closing your eyes in order to meditate on each chapter at the pace that suits you: either first, after having read the word in question and the Gospel text recounting it, to enter into the mystery of each word; or, afterward, to allow each chapter to resonate within you and sustain your prayer. Of course, you can read and reread the proposed texts, contemplate the works of art, and listen to Haydn’s music as you wish. But the continuous reading suggested here will, as in all prayer (as long as you allow it time to unfold), carry you along a path leading to the foot of Golgotha in a way we are no doubt too little used to traveling it. 13