LOVE 100 Inspirational Meditations

57 Love is not jealous you must drive out selfishness and envy and jealousy and spite, and learn the meaning of the love that serves; and this you will do if you have the first kind of peace, because then you will see the good of the family as part of that will of God which it is your supreme desire to fulfill. But to do that is to live in the present: you know and recognize the presence of God in the midst of your family, and his continuous providence for it; you are at peace within yourself in the fullest sense because you are content to do the work of the present moment and let God provide for the future. Be not solicitous: it does not mean, of course, that you must take no thought at all for the morrow; to do that is part of the vocation of family life. But it does mean that when you have taken all prudent measures, when you have done what you can with the means that God has given you, then you refuse to worry, to be agitated, to make yourself miserable with imagined future woes or present difficulties. FATHER GERALD VANN († 1963) was an English Dominican and a popular preacher, lecturer, and author.