LOVE 100 Inspirational Meditations

99 LOVE IS NOT RUDE Lord, in your highest love and your greatest and sweetest mercy, how they have ever flowed from your eternal Godhead, from heaven to earth, I ask you to preserve our souls in uprightness, our hearts in purity, our lives in true innocence, and all our desires and all our thoughts for our whole life in pure truth. May your boundless mercy prepare us and may your perfect love draw us so that we live in the truth according to your dearest will. And I ask you, my Lord by your holy sufferings that you forgive all the evil we have done in thought, word and deed and all the carelessness of our lives. And may the power be given to us to overcome all human evil with ever increasing heartfelt love for you. I desire also that we be given the pure truth by the power of your five holy wounds. May truth be impressed upon us and may we be led by it so that it may live in us and we in it. BLESSED MARGARET EBNER († 1351) was a Dominican nun at Maria Medingen, Germany.