Pauline will be my Mama! The day the Church blessed the mortal remains of our dear mother, now in heaven, God willed to give me another mother on earth. He willed also that I choose her freely. All five of us were gathered together, looking at each other sadly. Louise was there too, and, seeing Céline and me, she said: “Poor little things, you have nomother anymore!” Céline threw her arms around Marie saying: “Well, you will be my Mama!” Accustomed to following Céline’s example, I turned instead to you, Mother, and as though the future had torn aside its veil, I threwmyself into your arms, crying: “Well, as for me, it’s Pauline who will be my Mama!” Manuscript A On August 29, 1877, her mother, Zélie was buried. Thérèse chose her sister Pauline, who is 11 years older than she, as her second mama. 25 Harold Gilman, The Absence