Based on a notebook entry by a Spanish Trappist on December 12, 1936, as found in Saint Rafael Arnaiz: The Collected Works, translated by Catherine Addington (Collegeville, Minn.: Cistercian Publications, 2022). Used with permission of Liturgical Press. Under the direction of Romain Lizé, President, Magnificat Editor, Magnificat: Isabelle Galmiche Editor, Ignatius: Vivian Dudro Proofreader: Kathleen Hollenbeck Graphic Designer: Gauthier Delauné Production: Thierry Dubus, Audrey Bord © 2023 by Magnificat, New York • Ignatius Press, San Francisco All rights reserved ISBN Magnificat 978-1-63967-045-1 • ISBN Ignatius Press 978-1-62164-647-1

Brother Rafael Rainy-Day Devils and the Vivian Dudro and Catherine Addington illustrated by Sara Ugolotti

As Brother Rafael was peeling turnips, his mooddarkenedalongwith the skyoutside the window. The weather had been cold and gloomy since hisearlyrisingthatDecemberday, andbyafternoon his hands and feet were chilled to the bone. “The time is passing so slowly,” he thought with a heavy sigh. “And so is this cold knife in my frozen hands.” 5

Brother Rafael did not share his thoughts with the other brothers silently peeling vegetablesbesidehim. TheywereTrappists, and they led a life of prayerful silence in their monastery. He looked out the window and saw that it was raining. Water trickled like teardrops down the windowpanes. “Patience and persistence,” he thought, “that’s what I need right now.” 6

Little red devils, who couldn’t be seen in the usual way, began to pester Brother Rafael. “You look ridiculous, peeling turnips with that serious face of yours! What are you, a judge?!” jeered one devil as he jumped onto Brother Rafael’s shoulder.

Remember your comfortable home? You wouldn’t be cold there. And with the freedom you had, you wouldn’t even have to work,” said another devil as he jumped onto Brother Rafael’s other shoulder. “Why did you leave all of that behind?” asked the first devil. “To be locked up in this prison in the middle of nowhere?” “Patience and persistence,” Brother Rafael repeated to himself. “ 11